Clinton Campaign Crashes and “Berns”

By Robert J. Guttman February 11, 2016 Forget her coronation. After her virtual tie in Iowa and her 22% historic loss in New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders, Hillary is looking like a candidate looking for a reason to stay in […]

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Presidential Dropouts: Who Will Complete The Race

By Robert J. Guttman February 3, 2016 The candidates are dropping like flies. Lincoln Chafee Jim Webb Lawrence Lessig Martin O’Malley Scott Walker Bobby Jindal Lindsey Graham George Pataki Rick Perry And now, Rand Paul.   When the history of […]

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Half american - Half european flag waving in the wind - clipping path included

Europe’s Fascination with American Presidential Campaign

Paris, February 2, 2016  By Axel Krause During the past few weeks, most of the media and public attention in Britain and Europe has been obsessively focused on Donald Trump. But in contrast to the upbeat, admiring and widespread support […]

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Serious Voting Starts As Silly Season Ends

By Robert J. Guttman January 29, 2016   Remember GOP front-runner Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Remember former Rhode Island Democratic Governor Lincoln Chafee. Remember former Virginia Senator Jim Webb. Remember hearing Hillary was on her way to a coronation for […]

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Sanders vs. Trump: Two Grumpy Old Men Could Be Our Nominees for President

By Robert J. Guttman January 12, 2016   President Bernie Sanders. President Donald Trump. Yes, folks it could happen. It most likely will not be either of these men on the ballot in the general election. But there is an […]

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