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Rippling Effects of the German Political Stalemate

By Kenji Hosokawa Italy, December 21, 2017 The recent failure of Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democratic Union) to achieve a grand coalition between the Green party and the Free Democrats has resulted in a political stalemate within Germany. Merkel now has […]

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Kay Bailey Hutchison Nato

NATO in the Trump Era

By Jason Coreas Since its inception in 1949, NATO has been a cornerstone of American foreign and security policy.  The NATO alliance has proven to be a boon to the United States and its allies, as it has proven to […]

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America’s 45th president is a provocateur. A trouble maker An agitator.   A divisive anti-democratic smart aleck who knows nothing and cares nothing about America’s core values of decency, respect and civility. President Trump is not a policymaker. He cares […]

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Sébastien Maillard. Copyright - Alessia Campostrini

New Head of the Jacques Delors Institute Discusses the Crisis in Spain over Catalonia and Implications for the EU and Multilateralism

Paris, November 27, 2017 With populist movements strong throughout many European nations, many espousing  anti-EU rhetoric, while gearing up for elections looming next spring, notably in Italy and possibly Germany, we thought there was no better way to understand the […]

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Trump’s Asian Adventure

By Jason Coreas November 4, 2017 Beginning November 4th, President Trump is embarking on a grueling 13-day tour of Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Trump’s Asia tour is the longest by any president to the region in […]

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