About Us

Transatlantic: Europe, America & the World is an online magazine based in Washington, D.C.

It was started by Robert J. Guttman in January, 2004.  Guttman, a veteran editor, (15 years at the European Commission delegation in Washington, D.C. as editor of Europe Magazine and 12 years as editor of Political Profiles Magazine) delivers a unique and exciting perspective to not only transatlantic affairs but to international politics.

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Transatlantic Magazine Online brings our readers in-depth interviews with policymakers in politics, government, finance and trade and with sports and cultural personalities from London to Moscow to New York and beyond.

Our interviews are a trademark of our online magazine which The Washington Post says “covers foreign policy and has a good time.”

In addition to our interviews with the people making news everywhere in the world and beyond we offer our readers articles written by Europe and America’s top journalists and commentaries by leading academics.

Our features include City Scenes with local insights into what is happening in cities across Europe and Cultural Comments where we explore the latest movies, art exhibits and sports events in the European Union countries, Russia and European-related events in the U.S. Transatlantic always highlights travel articles to let you know the most interesting places to visit on your next business or family trip to Europe.

We also feature transatlantic business debates with top executives at Fortune 500 firms in the United States and Europe looking at key economic and financial issues and how they affect the business community and consumers.

Our lively and colorful format combined with our collection of well-known writers provide you with the news, information and analysis you need. From culture to politics to economics to sports Transatlantic is the online magazine to read to keep up to date on the key issues of the day on both sides of the Atlantic…and beyond.

Click here to view our staff biographies.

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