By Robert Guttman

Welcome to TransAtlantic Magazine.

Our innovative, informative and interesting on-line magazine began in late 2003 at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) Center for TransAtlantic Relations in Washington, D.C. TransAtlantic magazine is now being re-launched in June, 2012 as a totally on-line magazine.

I am the founder and editor-in-chief of TransAtlantic Magazine. I came to Johns Hopkins SAIS Center for TransAtlantic Relations in 2003 after fifteen years as editor-in-chief of EUROPE Magazine, the official magazine of the European Union. I was based at the European Commission office in Washington, D.C. but traveled regularly to all the nations of the European Union and beyond.

I started a EUROPE Magazine in Moscow right after the fall of the Soviet Union. After that we established EUROPE magazines from Budapest to Prague to Beijing to Tokyo.

For the past ten years at Johns Hopkins I have had a partnership wtih the Financial Times newspaper group putting on conferences with high level world and American policymakers, politicians and CEOs.

At the present time I teach courses at Johns Hopkins to graduate students i foreign policy, media and American politics and especially American presidential politics. I have taught at the Johns Hopkins SAIS campus in Bologna, Italy in the summer of 2007. I taught a course I designed on U.S.-EU relations.

I wrote a book Europe in the New Century: Visions of an Emerging Superpower in 2001 and lectured at several European universities discussing my book and its themes.

TransAtlantic magazine was orignally called TransAtlantic: Europe, America & the World and we hope to continue our tradition of writing about not only the United States but about all the countries of the world from Australia to Zambia.

We plan on covering all the newsworthy events happening across the globe and present an unbiased, objective and non-partisan view of the news of the day.

Of course, we will have blogs from myself, academics, journalists from around the world, policy and decisionmakers from around the world and other interested parties who read our website and want to contribute theri views and opinions to our global conversation on the key issues of the day.

We welcome hearing from everyone and please give us your views–good or bad -or we welcome all suggestions on how to provide better coverage of the news of the day. My email isĀ<> Please be in touch about articles you might want to write or other suggestions on how to improve our newly re-launched TransAtlantic Magazine website. Your suggestions are appreciated.

We will cover politics across the globe. I will be writing daily blogs on the U.S. presidential and congressional races in 2012. I like to discuss the issues and provide historical perspective to all of my articles. Sometimes, it seems as if there is not enough interest in history and what has happenend before. At the rpesent time, I also write a blog for the Huffington Post.

Other journalists and academics and people writing in will discuss politics in their respective nations.

We will have a Point/Counterpoint section on a new topic of interest every month and will have people representing all sides of the issue from the war in Afghanistan to the situation in Syria to the economic crisis in Europe to developments in China and elsewhere.

TransAtlantic will look at economic and financial issues and tackle the business issues of the day from around the globe.

TransAtlantic will analyze and discuss the foreign policy issues facing the United States, the European Union, China and Brazil and other nations around the world.

TransAtlantic will be the global bulletin board as a place on the Internet to discuss all of the day’s key issues in a non-partisan, objective and informative manner.

TransAtlantic will provide reasonable and rational debate and discussion on the key financial, business, foreing policy and political issues of the day.

TransAtlantic will have a sense of humor and think outside the box by bringing you news behind the headlines.

TransAtlantic will be the place for you to get the news and information you need to make informed decisions on the key issues and topics of the day from around the globe.

TransAtlantic will provide artcles also on tourism and places to visit around the globe.

TransAtlantic-the new global bulletin board of informed and interesting dialogue-is now up and running and we will continue our reputation as the magazine to read that we established with our first print issue in March, 2004.

I welcome you and hope you see yourself as a valued partner in our new on-line magazine!

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