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Trump’s Asian Adventure

By Jason Coreas November 4, 2017 Beginning November 4th, President Trump is embarking on a grueling 13-day tour of Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Trump’s Asia tour is the longest by any president to the region in […]

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Spanish Turmoil Continues Over Catalonia

  By Jason Coreas October 26, 2017 The Catalan independence referendum held on October 1st sent chills throughout the European Union, as policy makers in EU capitals grow concerned over the



Rest In Peace, Republican Party as it used to be known.   The party of Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Dwight Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln is now becoming

Exploring New Europe

Exploring New Europe: A Bicycle Journey – Review by Robert J. Guttman

“I wanted to combine my interest in meeting new people and learning about their lives; riding my bicycle from Estonia to Albania to explore the new Europe, and

Sebastian Kurz at a campaign rally.

European Elections: Austria & Czech Republic Move Right

Austria’s October 15th election is going to shake up Austria’s government as the conservative Austrian People’s Party defeated the incumbent Social Democratic Party. The Austrian People’s Party won

Macron Amanpour

France’s Youngest President Macron Now Facing Oppositon, Demonstrations and Strikes over his Business-Friendly Reforms and Defends Himself to CNN

Photo Credits: Mick Krever/CNN By Axel Krause Paris, September 19, 2017 Last Tuesday, France's presidential Airbus landed at the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe carrying not only some twelve tons of humanitarian


How Europe & Italy Views President Trump

By Kenji Hosokawa Italy, September 3, 2017 Since the election of Trump, global views on the President’s and the U.S.’s ratings have been in a sharp decline. According to a


Free Trade Flourishes Between Japan and EU Without the U.S.

By Kenji Hosokawa Italy, September 3, 2017 On July 6th, the EU and Japan formally agreed on a trade agreement which will provide enormous economic advantages and opportunities for the

Trump’s Foreign Policy Team 2017

  By Jason Coreas August 15, 2017   Name: Nikki R. Haley Title: United States Ambassador to the United Nations Born: January 20, 1972 Bamberg, South Carolina Education: Clemson University, BS Accounting (94) Family: Spouse-Michael Haley (m.1996) Children-



EUROPEAN COMMISSION PRESIDENT JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER Role: Background: President of Euro Group, 2004-2013, P.M. of Luxembourg, 1995-2013 Outside Info: Sworn into Luxembourg Bar Council in 1980, never practiced as lawyer PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN COUNCIL DONALD

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