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Matteo Renzi

Resignations of Prime Ministers in Italy and France and a pro-EU vote in Austria, Set the Stage for Approaching Elections throughout Europe Pitting Rightist Populists Against Establishment Leaders

By Axel Krause   Paris, December 7, 2016   Until Sunday, what the BBC’s European editor Katya Adler described as « screeching headlines » evoked a far-right, Nazi-inspired candidate for president swooping to power in Vienna, with  some of Italy’s banks collapsing […]

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François Fillon

Trump-inspired, Nationalistic Populism Mounting Fast in Europe, Notably in Austria, Italy and France

By Axel Krause   Paris, December 1, 2016   Germany's influential magazine Der Spiegel online last week proclaimed Donald Trump's victory not only a « political earthquake » at home, but « bolstered both right-wing


Top European Leaders, Still  Perplexed and  Worried By Donald Trump’s Election, are Urging Him to Reinforce Close Cooperation on TransAtlantic Defense and Trade Issues

By Axel Krause   Paris, November 14, 2016   It was no real surprise. Far-right, populist leaders in France, Italy, Britain, and Hungary, among others, notably Russia's Vladimir Putin  almost immediately cheered

Photograph of Mars taken by the Hubble Space Telescope during opposition in 2003

The race to explore Mars and Outer Space is definitely on in the US, Europe, Russia and China

By Axel Krause Paris, October 18, 2016 Anytime in the next few weeks, after several months of streaking through outer space, a state-of-the-art module of the European Space Agency will

The Pyrénées

The Pyrénées – A European Mountain Range that Challenges the Alps for Beauty, Diversity, Culture, and Links to America

By Axel Krause Bagnères-de-Bigorre, France September 26, 2016 Last month my wife and I wound up several weeks of travel here, a fin-de-siècle town famous for its thermal spa, biking,

Theresa May

Brexit Breversal?

Paris, July 5, 2016   By Axel Krause Saturday's enthusiastic, pro-EU demonstrations in London by many thousands for a second referendum on whether or not to leave the EU was only



Paris, June 22, 2016   By Axel Krause As of this writing, the latest polls and views of savvy observers show the nation firmly, stubbornly divided over whether to vote « Yes »

Flag_of_Greece euro

Greek Leaders Bow to Tough Reforms; Defusing a Nightmarish EU Crisis

Buguéles, France, July 15, 2015 By Axel Krause   Barely a week or so ago, deadlocked, acrimonious  negotiations between Greek leaders and the nation's creditors over easing record, multi-billion-euro debt and


France’s Ex-President Sarkozy Leads Mainstream Conservatives to Victory in Local Elections

Paris, April 1, 2015 By Axel Krause In a determined comeback, France's former president, ever hard-driving and conservative Nicolas Sarkozy with allies on Sunday won a critical two-round, nationwide


Greece, Still in the Economic Woods, Facing a Skeptical, German-led EU

Paris, February 10, 2015 By Axel Krause What you might call a dangerous game of “EU chicken” made headlines following a news conference on February 5th in Berlin. Following tense,

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