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EUROPEAN COMMISSION PRESIDENT JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER Role: Background: President of Euro Group, 2004-2013, P.M. of Luxembourg, 1995-2013 Outside Info: Sworn into Luxembourg Bar Council in 1980, never practiced as lawyer PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN COUNCIL DONALD TUSK Role: Liberal Democratic Congress Party […]

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After Isolating America at G20 in Hamburg, Trump Returns to France for Bastille Day

By Axel Krause Paris, July 10, 2017 Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel who had hoped that the two-day summit of the world's most-industrialized nations would result in agreements on climate change



By Robert J. Guttman July 10, 2017 It has only taken President Donald Trump six months to become almost irrelevant. Because of his total lack of knowledge of government and his


Trump Meets With Putin at the Hamburg G20 Summit

Kenji Hosokawa July 7, 2017 The 2017 G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit held on July 7th and 8th in Hamburg, Germany is a significant international conference that attempts to resolve


Even Trump Can’t Ruin TransAtlantic Ties

Kenji Hosokawa June 22, 2017 President of the European Council, Donald Tusk stated that “change in Washington puts the European Union in a difficult situation; with the new administration seeming


Looking Ahead: Who will Democrats Choose to Run Against Trump in 2020?

Robert J. Guttman June 14, 2017 With all his many faults, low poll numbers, overall un-presidential type behavior, total lack of any legislative accomplishments, and the Russian hacking investigation hanging


Rambunctious Republicans: Remember Ronald Reagan’s Rule At GOP Debate

By Robert J. Guttman July 30, 2015   Former President Ronald Reagan always stressed his 11th Commandment which was: “Thou Shall Not Speak Ill of any fellow Republican”. According to the book

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George Mason: The Forgotten Founding Father

By James A. Baer July 22, 2015 George Mason was the central genius of the American Revolution. He was highly regarded by his contemporaries for his intellect and devotion to the

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T-TIP: the Future of Free Trade?

By Devlin Murphy July 23, 2015 The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) is a proposed trade deal on the horizon.  If you haven’t heard the acronym you probably will

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Cuba and US Re-Open Embassies after 54 Years

By James A. Baer July 22, 2015 On July 20 the Cuban flag was raised on the flag pole at 2630 16th street, NW in Washington DC marking the official re-opening

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