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White House and United Nations Welcome Kazakh President

By Ben Briand February 2nd, 2018 “I’m pleased to welcome President Nazarbayev who has done a tremendous job in Kazakhstan. Having you at the White House is an honor. Thank you for visiting with us. . . .And today, our […]

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Europeans React With Caution or Silence Regarding Trump’s SOTU Speech, China and Iran Hit Back

By Axel Krause Paris January 31, 2018 For millions of Europeans the speech was a lot of first-class showmanship, but among policy wonks deeply interested in trans-Atlantic relations, they noted


Kazakhstan: Heading UN Security Council By Offering New Initiatives

(Photograph courtesy of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the UN) By Joseph Robertson January 26, 2018 “In January, 2018 our country will preside for the first time


World Business & Government Elites Meet in Davos

By Axel Krause Paris, January 22, 2018 Even before Mr. Trump addresses several thousand political and business leaders plus celebrities from around the globe gathering today for the annual five-day

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Rippling Effects of the German Political Stalemate

By Kenji Hosokawa Italy, December 21, 2017 The recent failure of Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democratic Union) to achieve a grand coalition between the Green party and the Free Democrats has


Spanish Turmoil Continues Over Catalonia

  By Jason Coreas October 26, 2017 The Catalan independence referendum held on October 1st sent chills throughout the European Union, as policy makers in EU capitals grow concerned over the

Macron Amanpour

France’s Youngest President Macron Now Facing Oppositon, Demonstrations and Strikes over his Business-Friendly Reforms and Defends Himself to CNN

Photo Credits: Mick Krever/CNN By Axel Krause Paris, September 19, 2017 Last Tuesday, France's presidential Airbus landed at the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe carrying not only some twelve tons of humanitarian


How Europe & Italy Views President Trump

By Kenji Hosokawa Italy, September 3, 2017 Since the election of Trump, global views on the President’s and the U.S.’s ratings have been in a sharp decline. According to a


Free Trade Flourishes Between Japan and EU Without the U.S.

By Kenji Hosokawa Italy, September 3, 2017 On July 6th, the EU and Japan formally agreed on a trade agreement which will provide enormous economic advantages and opportunities for the


After Isolating America at G20 in Hamburg, Trump Returns to France for Bastille Day

By Axel Krause Paris, July 10, 2017 Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel who had hoped that the two-day summit of the world's most-industrialized nations would result in agreements on climate change

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