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The White House

It’s almost over!

By Robert J. Guttman October 26, 2016   America’s most negative, chaotic and downright weird presidential election in the modern era is, thankfully, drawing to a close. Most Americans will feel a huge sigh of relief.  We will all try […]

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Western front of the US Capitol

Election 2016: Contests for Governor and Senate

By Victoria David October 25, 2016 Senate races 34 seats: 24 Republican seats, 10 Democrat seats ALABAMA Richard Shelby (Republican) v. Ron Crumpton (Democrat) ALASKA Lisa Murkowski (Republican) v. Ray Metcalfe (Democrat) v. Joe Miller

Logo of the Republican Party


  By Robert J. Guttman October 5, 2016 Republican vice-presidential candidate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, showed he is a knowledgeable, experienced politician in his strong debate performance against Senator Tim Kaine


Sanders vs. Trump: Two Grumpy Old Men Could Be Our Nominees for President

By Robert J. Guttman January 12, 2016   President Bernie Sanders. President Donald Trump. Yes, folks it could happen. It most likely will not be either of these men on the ballot in


Governors Galore: Jindal, Christie, Kasich & Walker Add to Growing List of GOP Presidential Nominees

By Robert J. Guttman June 26, 2015 Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has now officially joined the growing list of governors and former governors vying for the Republican presidential nomination in

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Jeb, Hillary, Bernie and The Donald: The First Name Only 2016 Presidential Campaign

By Robert J. Guttman June 17. 2015 We know they have last names but you might never know this from the early stages of the 2016 presidential campaign. Jeb! announces for


Robert Guttman, Editor-in-Chief, Talks Shutdown Deal on CTV National News

Our Editor in Chief, Robert Guttman, was recently interviewed by Canada's CTV National News program on America's government shutdown, its potential debt default, and the politics all around.


Dysfunctional Politics In Washington: Open Up The People’s House Now!

By Robert J. Guttman   A just released CBS poll shows what we all know. Americans have lost faith in their national government to actually accomplish anything. There really is no expectation

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Obama’s Trip to Asia

By Victoria Lee Obama’s first overseas trip after winning his re-election will be to Asia. Along with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, the President’s November 17-20 trip is scheduled


LOOKING AHEAD: Clinton/O’Malley vs. Rubio/Rice in 2016

Looking Ahead:  Clinton/O’Malley vs. Rubio/Rice in 2016 By Robert J. Guttman   The 2012 election is now history so it is time to be looking ahead to 2016.   The above mentioned names

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