Submission Guidelines

We’re looking for interesting, novel, and analytically rigorous arguments and/or explanations for timely issues in international relations. If you feel you and your proposed article are qualified, our editorial process follows three simple steps:

  1. Send us a 1-2 paragraph proposal introducing your idea, its tenets, and why you feel you are well qualified to write on this topic. Our email address is: editorial ^at^
  2. If we approve of your proposal (within 5-7 business days), you will have 7-10 business days to complete a concise, honest, and substantiated argument free of mechanical errors. Your format and style constraints are as follows:
    • Length: 500-1,500 words or approximately two (2) to six (6) double-spaced typed pages.
    • Include a title and subheads.
    • Write in the third person and/or, sparingly, in the second person.
    • Avoid the passive tense.
    • Use clear, straightforward English.
    • Spell out acronyms or abbreviations the first time you use them.
    • Include all titles of standards, in addition to standard designations.
    • Define all jargon.
    • If you have a specific photo you’d like the magazine to use with your article, please attach the photo separately (do not embed in your article’s document). Please also accompany this photo with a permission statement from its rightful owner.
  3. After reviewing your submission, if we notice some serious logical or conceptual issues, we may request a substantial rewrite of your submission. You’ll then have 2-3 business days to try one more time. Otherwise, if your argument is sound, we’ll either outright publish the article, or we’ll make some minor suggestions aimed at fixing mechanical and/or potential stylistic problems.

A Word About Ethics:

You must make every effort to ensure your references are accurate, free from bias, and framed in proper context. Any inaccuracies and/or misgivings will automatically result in a world-wide published correction associated with your name, along with an apology from the magazine, citing your full responsibility.

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