By Robert J. Guttman


August 24, 2016


Let’s get serious.

The Republicans should dump Trump and find a sane candidate to take his place and get back to beliefs and principles held by the GOP over the years from Lincoln to Reagan.

The Democrats should dump Clinton and find a trustworthy candidate not embroiled in scandal and controversy who actually likes to campaign and give press conferences.

Neither of these events will probably happen before our November presidential election.

In a country of over 300 million people, both major parties seem to have discovered the most flawed, most untrustworthy poor campaigners they could find.

A normal, sane Republican would most likely be leading Hillary by double digits.

Vice-President Joe Biden, who enjoys campaigning, would be a popular candidate for the Democrats.

The 2016 presidential campaign has now veered into being weird.

Having covered presidential campaigns for more than three decades and now teaching college courses at Johns Hopkins, UVA and Cornell this fall on the election campaign, I would without hesitation say this is the strangest and most bizarre race I have ever covered.

We have one candidate who is totally out of his league and knows nothing about almost every issue and another candidate who seems to have trouble telling the truth.

What can be said about Trump that hasn’t already been said?  He is really disgusting and an embarrassment not only to the Republican Party but to the image of America around the world.

As the former editor-in-chief of the European Union magazine EUROPE and now the editor-in-chief of the online magazine TransAtlantic: Europe, America & the World, I can say my friends and colleagues from around the world are startled and scared by Trump.

Any thinking Republican should be ashamed of their candidate for president.  He really knows so little about the issues.  He talks a stream of consciousness, whatever comes to his mind.  It is an insult to third graders to say he talks like a third grader.  The GOP presidential candidate is an embarrassment to America and to our allies around the world. I doubt if he even knows what NATO stands for or what countries make up the European Union.  And, the sad fact is he doesn’t care.

His latest remarks to attract African-American votes are really a travesty.  He sounds like a song by Abba in the movie Mamma Mia called Take A Chance On Me.

His remarks about life in the inner city, where I am sure he has never gone as he wouldn’t want to build a hotel in a poor area, are so insensitive and rude and vulgar to even be contemplated.  And, they are part of his whole way of talking in his whole bizarre campaign.

Trump and his new team are just making up total lies about Hillary’s health just to stir up more controversy and cast doubts like his idiotic birther statements about Obama.

GOP leaders dump your presidential candidate now while you still have time to save some face and keep some dignity.  Trump has hijacked your party.

What has happened to America that we have become so uncivil that a certified nasty, bigoted, crude, unprincipled know-nothing could become a major party candidate for president.  Shame on the GOP and for America for having this bizarre conspiracy buff be a step away from the presidency.

On the other side, the Democrats have put up one of the worst candidates in their history.  Remember Hillary lost in 2008 to a little known senator from Illinois and ran a terrible campaign her first time around.

This time around she is still a pretty poor campaigner.  While her husband had the charisma and had the joy of campaigning she is the exact opposite.

Hillary has been off the campaign trail for these past two weeks fundraising.  She avoids the press and treats press conferences as an inconvenience.

She almost got upset by a fairly unknown candidate who was not even a Democrat until recently.  Sanders, a self-described Democratic Socialist, ran a campaign of issues that excited students and other young voters.

Hillary is exciting almost no one that I have ever interviewed.  Some voters like the idea of having our first woman president, but most would prefer another woman to achieve this goal.

Is the Clinton Foundation, which obviously funds some good causes around the world, mainly a slush fund for the Clintons?

Is the Clinton Foundation a way to raise more money for the Clintons who can’t seem to get enough money?  Seems as if they are aspiring to join Trump in the top one percent.

When the director of the FBI questions your veracity, it probably is not a big selling point for running for the nation’s highest office.

Her email controversy is a growing scandal.  It is a reminder of how the Clintons’ seem to skirt the law and have their own definition of what is true.

The Democratic Party did “rig” the primary season for Hillary.  She was kept out of sight of voters having debates when no one would be watching.  She was waiting for her “coronation” by the Democratic National Committee.

Republican delegates at their convention may have been out of line shouting “lock her up” every time Hillary’s name was mentioned in Cleveland this summer, but it shows how some people think of her. And, she is the Democratic presidential nominee who, most likely, will be our next president.

We all know scandal, controversy and hints of corruption will follow her into the White House.  And, that is not even discussing Bill who would be the First Husband who has a trail of controversy following him in his political career.

America is an embarrassment to ourselves and to our friends and allies around the world this election season.

If the Democratic and Republican Party leadership had any guts, pride or sense of duty to their values and America’s values they would quickly dump Hillary and Trump.

Perhaps, new presidential candidates will be our October surprise!






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