By Robert J. Guttman

July 6, 2016


The 2016 Democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will not be indicted in a court of law but she has certainly been indicted in the court of public opinion.

If the Republicans had voted for a sane presidential nominee in the primaries like Ohio Governor Kasich, Jeb Bush or Senator Marco Rubio they would be getting ready to move into the White House with this extremely harsh criticism of the former Secretary of State for her “extremely careless” email actions.

FBI Director James Comey could not have been more critical of the former United States Senator from New York. He questioned her judgement and focused on how many times she did not appear to be telling the truth about her email scandal.

It makes voters wary of the “double standard” that seems to be in place for the Clintons and other high ranking political figures. The system certainly does appear to be “rigged”.

Not a conspiracy nut like Donald Trump, I still think the whole Clinton email scandal stinks and hurts greatly how voters view Hillary’s trustworthiness.

She is already considered untrustworthy by more than two-thirds of likely voters in recent polls.

“The FBI decision (clearly or not) immediately sparked charges that the fix was in. The mind-boggley dopey decision by Attorney General Loretta Lynch to chit-chat with Bill Clinton a few days before Comey’s announcement looked really, really bad.  It looked even crummier after the Times reported that Hillary Clinton, was, oh, you know, musing about possibly keeping Lynch on if she was elected,” according to Glenn Thrush in a July 5th article in Politico.

House Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out on the lack of a Hillary indictment by saying “No one should be above the law.” Look for hearings to take place soon in the House and Senate on the FBI decision not to indict Hillary even after the FBI Director presented so many negatives about her that the average voter was left wondering why no indictment will be brought in the court of law.

Haven’t we had enough of the Clintons-both of them-skirting the law and playing fast and loose with the truth? Do we really want four or eight more years of a dysfunctional White House?

If this were a movie or television show we would all be amazed at the audacity of the Clintons during the investigation.

Unbelievable that the former president meets with the current Attorney General in Arizona to discuss—grandchildren and their travels. Give me a break.  This was possibly a way to get the Attorney General not to rule in the case against Hillary.  Sounds like couldn’t possibly be true but why else would two people who both live in Washington, D.C. get together out of town for this very inappropriate talk.

Hillary’s comments about her email controversies have always seemed absurd. And, here is President Obama saying in North Carolina where they traveled together in Air Force One—can’t she afford commercial airfare–that Hillary is the most qualified person ever in our history to be president.

Excuse me, but that is wrong. Thomas Jefferson was probably the most qualified person in our history to be president.  And, in current times George Herbert Walker Bush was very qualified to be president based on his extensive resume.

Obama and Hillary campaigning together right after FBI announcement also seems rather fishy and very staged. Questioning Hillary on the Fourth of July weekend also was another way of playing fast and loose with the law and looking very much like a “double standard” for the Clintons.

An indictment of Hillary would have brought Vice President Joe Biden into the game. No matter how you feel about Biden’s views on the issues he is considered a decent and trustworthy person who would have won big in the fall over the terrible GOP candidate Donald Trump.

A new poll shows almost two-thirds of Americans are “alarmed” by this election. I have been covering presidential campaigns and teaching presidential politics at the graduate level for past several decades and don’t ever remember voters being “alarmed”.

Both presidential candidates have huge clouds hanging over them. Hillary’s emails will not go away and will be a general election campaign issue playing into her lack of honesty.

What can you say about Trump? Why would anyone vote for such a bigoted, smug, obnoxious, know-nothing candidate on almost every issue?  Why has he not released his income taxes?  Does anyone really know if he is being audited by the IRS?

The Democrats might have been better off if Hillary had been indicted. They could have cleared the air with a trustworthy nominee and had a very positive convention later this month.  Instead the stench of the email scandal, Hillary’s playing fast and loose with the truth and Bill’s behavior will all be factors going into the fall campaign.

It is hard at this point to tell who is the worst candidate: Hillary or Trump. At this point it would be hard to vote for either one of them.

As a potential voter, I am already sick and tired of Hillary and the Donald, and you can add my name to the two-thirds of voters who are “alarmed” at our candidates for president.

Hillary may not be going to prison but she certainly is a loser in the court of public opinion.






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