By Robert J. Guttman


August 2, 2016


A good day for Hillary would be when she is sworn in as America’s 45th president in January, 2017.

Hillary has been aiming for the White House for years. She and Bill have discussed her road to the White House on a daily basis. She ran in 2008 and lost.

Hillary would be America’s first woman president.

The former United States Senator from New York has the fire and determination and a detailed plan to capture the White House. The former First Lady wants to win very much.

While she says she wakes up every day “working for us”. I really feel she wakes up every day figuring out how to win and become America’s next president.

The Donald, on the other hand, seems as if he could care less about winning the White House. He is more concerned about being on the news or to put it more bluntly he wants to be the news every minute of every day.

Trump has no life-long desire to president. Trump has no detailed plan on winning the White House. Trump has no apparent interest in knowing about issues-domestic or foreign.

The thin-skinned billionaire has flirted with running for president in previous years but it seemed mainly an attempt to boost the ratings of his reality television show.

Trump has no interest other than himself. He doesn’t even pretend to care about the average American voter. He has disgraced himself, the Republican Party and America’s image abroad with his know-nothing comments on foreign and domestic issues.

If there was a way to legally do it the GOP should tell him to go away and they could find a candidate who stood for conservative issues and values who would have some principles and not be a joke like Trump.

Trump has expressed no real desire to be president. He has expressed no real interest in doing much of anything for the American people.

He is a thin-skinned, bigoted, uninformed, inept, con artist who should not even be running for dogcatcher much less the highest political office in the land.

I would not be surprised if Trump gets way behind in the polls this fall he will say he has better things to do than run for president. He has already said the election is rigged.

Where is Trump’s interest in being president? It does not exist. He enjoys being the center of attention and constantly being in the news. He does not care how he makes the news. His goal is just to be in the news—on television, on the Internet, on social media. Trump just likes the game.

Other than his ridiculous call for a wall and a trade war with China he has very little to say of substance. Watching him talk last week on the campaign trail was typical. He said absolutely nothing of substance. He showed no empathy for any American voter. He criticized anyone who has had the audacity to criticize him.

He is a bully who knows how to get on the news. Getting on the news is his goal. Winning the White House is not his goal. He is all talk about nothing and no follow through.

Anyone who criticizes a Gold Star mother should be disqualified from running for president. Trump is upset for being “viciously attacked” by a fallen soldier’s honorable father. One wonders to what new lows Trump will go to make the news.

He has given no good reason for running for president other than he is the strongman who can fix all our problems. Then he gives no solutions to our problems.

Hillary, on the other hand, is a policy wonk with answers for every problem. She does not seem sincere much of the time. Her remarks on her email problems are far from truthful. She is considered untrustworthy by a majority of Americans.

But, whether you like Hillary or not, she does seem to have a stance on most issues and seems to care about the American voter. But, her main goal is herself. She really wants to be president and it shows.

The Donald seems as if he could care less about living in the White House. If he won he would probably still live in Trump Tower and commute to Washington, D.C. for a few days during the week.

I don’t believe Hillary wakes up every day “working for us”. I do think she wakes up every day thinking and working to win the presidency. She has been at this goal for a long time and was lucky this time around to have such an inept and incompetent opponent.

Trump is running to be in the news. He does not care if he wins. He just does not want to be known as a “loser”. So, he will say the election was rigged and go about his self-absorbed life if he loses this November.

The former Secretary of State has a plan to win.

The Donald has a plan to make news every day. He does not care how disgraceful he has to be as long as he is the center of attention.

He will go lower. Although it is hard to imagine going lower than insulting a Gold Star family you can be sure he will go lower in the next three months.

Trump’s path to the White House is by being in the gutter.

Hillary’s path to the Oval Office is define the truth as she sees fit.

The Republican Party should be deeply ashamed of their candidate and try to stand for some principles.

The Democratic Party should have known the DNC was favoring Hillary over Bernie.

Not one of America’s better elections!






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