By Robert J. Guttman


September 15, 2016


Very scary headline but it has a better than even chance of becoming reality in this very weird and bizarre presidential election year.

New polls have Trump rising in several key swing states like Ohio and Florida.

Hillary has been off the campaign trail attending fundraisers instead of interacting with voters.

Hillary now has to worry that if she coughs at the first debate many voters will think she is worse off than just having pneumonia.

Hillary is not exciting young voters and especially is not exciting young women voters who should be her key constituency.

Hillary would be breaking the glass ceiling by becoming America’s first female president in our history yet even that is not expanding her base of support.

Hillary is seen almost as the incumbent and so is being blamed for the ills of the last eight years of the Obama Administration.

Hillary is a really poor campaigner who showed that previously in 2008 when she lost in her first run for the White House.

Trump is the person you would not invite into your house as you are afraid he would be an embarrassment and a boor always only talking about himself.

Trump is a candidate who goes from one thought to another and often contradicts himself in the same speech.

Trump is for Trump.  Trump has no plan, economic or otherwise, to help the American middle class.

Trump will not release his federal tax information and this alone should disqualify him from being a presidential candidate.

Trump has been rude to almost every group in our society from the disabled to Gold Star Families.

Trump is not ready for prime time and certainly not ready to be commander in chief.

Trump is everything bad we tell our children not to be: rude, self-centered, arrogant, divisive and the list goes on and on.

Trump is moving up in the polls in key swing states he has to win because people are bored and tired of Hillary.  Many voters think if she were to win we would have four more years of Bill and Hillary scandals in the White House.

Trump is moving ahead because the media is treating him to a very different standard than Hillary.  Hillary knows the issues and proposes solutions whereas Trump rambles on and on how great he is and how he will make America Great Again but has yet to offer any serious answers to our many economic and foreign policy issues.

The media is letting Trump get away with saying nothing but saying nothing in a loud voice.  Trump is a creation of the media.  He calls television talk shows.  He is all over twitter and social media.  He tweets ridiculous often hurtful tweets and he is never called on his many absurdities.

The Republican Party leadership who know that Trump knows very little about the issues and has no real background in the GOP  support  his candidacy like sheep even though he is disrespectful of most former GOP leaders.

Trump trashes the Bush family and Mitt Romney and John McCain.  It is so rude and so disrespectful.

Yet, Trump could win because Hillary is such a poor campaigner, such an establishment figure and because she says comments about his “deplorable” followers.

Our society has become polarized and worse it has become vulgar and crude.  Trump fits right in with where American society is today as he is vulgar, crude and polarizing.

Trump is a showman and a con artist and a reality television performer who knows how to stir up a crowd and make news—good and bad.

Can you imagine Trump’s picture in every federal building and in every post office if he is elected?  The orange/tangerine hair president would be the symbol of our country.

As voters start to seriously look Trump and Hillary, the real estate mogul is getting a second look.  If he can control himself in the first debate and look somewhat sane and normal his poll numbers will go higher.

We all expect Hillary to know all the issues in the debate.  Most of us expect Trump to not know anything except for his idiotic wall and a trade war against China.

Yet, political analysts will discuss who won and who lost the first debate when it will be obvious Trump has no idea of what he is talking about and frankly, doesn’t seem to care.   It is rude and wrong to compare Hillary and Trump on the issues because he doesn’t know the issues and she does upside down and backwards.

They are not even on anything.  He is like a first grader compared to Hillary as a graduate student.

Yet, Trump is appealing to a large segment of voters and they are not all “deplorables”.

The 2016 election is about growing anger among the voters who want the country to go in a new direction with a person who is not a politician.

Hillary is the establishment in a year when many voters want to punish the establishment-the political establishment.

Like George Orwell saying War is Peace and Love is Hate in his novels, Trump is saying the craziest and looniest things and people are listening.

How a billionaire real estate mogul in New York is convincing voters he is anti-establishment is beyond me.  He is the establishment.

The whole election is like Alice in Wonderland and Trump, the Mad Hatter, could become America’s 45th president!






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