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By Robert J. Guttman

October 5, 2016

Republican vice-presidential candidate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, showed he is a knowledgeable, experienced politician in his strong debate performance against Senator Tim Kaine on October 4th at Longwood University in Virginia.

Both Pence and Kaine demonstrated what a fairly civil debate could look like without name calling and demeaning other people.

Governor Pence indicated he knew both domestic and foreign policy issues unlike the current top of the GOP ticket Donald Trump. Pence let conservative Republicans, who are in the mainstream of the GOP today, know that he shares their political, social and religious values. Pence is so much more in tune with the typical Republican of today than Trump.

Republicans should immediately repudiate Trump for his over the top bombastic rhetoric and lack of knowledge on most issues and put Governor Pence at the top of the ticket. Republicans could have someone actually at the top of their ticket who shares their values.

Trump could say he has a “huge” business deal that he needs to concentrate on and say he is turning over the reins to his VP choice.

It most likely will not happen but it was so good to actually see two seasoned and talented politicians discuss the issues of the day in a debate that didn’t veer into bizarre topics like the weight of a Miss Universe contestant twenty years ago.

The VP debate let the country know more about Pence and Kaine and they both performed well. Both are much better liked individuals than the top of their tickets.

Republican Indiana Governor Mike Pence is a former six term congressman from my native Hoosier state. He is a lawyer who was previously a conservative radio and television talk show host. In Congress he held a leadership position for the GOP as Republican Conference Chairman.

“Pence is a devout evangelical Christian who regularly talks about his faith” who signed a controversial religious freedom bill into law in Indiana in 2015. Pence signed an amendment, saying it’s not okay to use it to discriminate against gay people. But that didn’t quell activists’ criticism of the law, nor did it boost Pence’s tanking approval rating,” according to an article in The July 14, edition of The Washington Post.

Governor Pence is a friend of House Speaker Paul Ryan and is respected by many members of the House and is seen as a principled Tea Party conservative Republican.

Senator Tim Kaine is a class act. The senator from Virginia spoke at our Center for Politics & Foreign Relations last year and seemed like a very knowledgeable politician and an all- around normal person. He asked me when our event would be over as he wanted to go home and watch the World Series.

“Kaine has held three big-time political positions: Governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010, DNC chair from 2009 to 2011, and U.S. senator from 2013 to today. He was a Christian missionary, and speaks Spanish and went to Harvard Law School.

And, “known as the nice guy’s nice guy” the Washington Post of July 22nd states, “His wife Anne Holton, is the daughter of former Governor A. Linwood Holton Jr. Holton, who met Kaine at Harvard, is the second daughter of a Virginia governor to later become the first lady of a Virginia governor. The first was Thomas Jefferson’s daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph.”

With fairly normal, sane vice-presidential candidates why has our 2016 presidential election become so weird, unusual and plain downright nasty, negative and almost illogical in many respects?

Hillary has her issues. She is considered by many to be robotic and not always truthful. She says it is her time whatever that means. She is a really awful campaigner who lost once already running for the White House in 2008.

Yet, she is a former United States Senator and former Secretary of State who knows the issues of the day. She is not the presidential candidate who is ruining this election with bizarre and untruthful comments and casting criticism against almost every group in the country.

Donald Trump is the presidential candidate making a mockery of our democracy.

Donald Trump is making a joke out of our presidential election.

Donald Trump has no policies and is one of the most negative candidates to ever run for president in our history. He has no background in holding an elective office.

The leaders of the Republican Party have the responsibility to repudiate their nominee and move on and try to save the Senate and House.

Trump is a train wreck. That is the only reason over 80 million viewers tuned into the first presidential debate.

Trump is not qualified to be a presidential candidate much less the president of the United States.

Many voters like him because he is wealthy but losing nearly a billion dollars in one year is not exactly being a “genius” in business.

His latest remarks about veterans and his previous comments mocking the disabled and his ridiculous wall and his anti-immigrant statements and his nutty tweeting about a former Miss Universe and her weight issues makes one wonder if he is sane enough to be on the national stage.

Trump is not the American dream. He is more like the American nightmare.

He is everything you tell your children not to be-rude, nasty, demeaning, arrogant and totally self-involved.

There is anger in the country and Trump appeals to that anger but he has no real solutions to any of our problems.

Republican leaders should repudiate him immediately and show that the GOP actually has principles and convictions that they believe in. Putting Governor Pence at the top of the GOP ticket immediately would save face for the party and show it actually has principles.

Surely, the party of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush is not going to be seen as the party of a con artist, manipulative bigoted and totally Know Nothing candidate.

His nasty and smug and condescending behavior should no longer be tolerated.

Republican leaders bring out the hook and bring this charlatan off the national stage before he completely destroys what was once a proud and honorable national political party!






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