Self-Inflicted Crises Will Eventually Topple Trump Presidency

Photo by Gage Skidmore

By Robert J. Guttman
May 17, 2017

“I think we could do with a little less drama from the White House on a lot of things so we can focus on our agenda,” comments Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican from Kentucky.

“Obviously, they (the White House) are in a downward  spiral right now and have got to figure out a way to come to grips with all that’s happening,” states the Republican Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Corker from Tennessee.

“Can we have a crisis-free day?  That’s all I’m asking,” remarks Republican Senator from Maine Susan Collins.

Republican Senator from Arizona and former GOP Presidential candidate John McCain feels like Trump’s actions are reaching Watergate status.

Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich goes on national television to say basically “I told you so” during the presidential campaign that Trump was not quite up to the task of being president.

And, the above statements are all from leading Republican elected officials.  The Democrats in the Senate and House are calling for a special prosecutor to look into the alleged-Russian connection, FBI director firing and possible obstruction of justice on the part of our “so-called” president.

When we elect someone with no government or political experience, we clearly see that on job training is leading to disastrous results.

While Trump’s presidency will survive for a year or two his lack of political achievements, his poor record in creating jobs –the main reason his base supports him-and his childish and incompetent behavior will most likely lead to some Profiles in Courage among Republicans in the House and Senate to seriously question if our current president has committed acts which could force impeachment hearings to begin.

It took senators like Barry Goldwater and Howard Baker to rise to the occasion to begin the process of letting President Nixon know he had no more support in the US Senate and would be impeached.  So, Nixon resigned and spent the rest of his life trying to justify his reprehensible behavior in the Watergate scandal.

Let’s go back to the beginning.  Trump is not really a conservative Republican. He is a “so-called” successful businessman.  However, since he has never released his tax returns like every other recent president in our history, we really do not know how successful he is or if he is still in debt or owes large amounts of money on loans.

His behavior towards our long-time adversary Russia is incomprehensible.  It is beyond bizarre.  Why did he even meet with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador?  He said Putin asked him to meet with them.  Our president acts, at times, like he is working on behalf of Putin and not the American public.

As Senator McCain said, these two Russian officials should never have been allowed in the Oval Office especially right after the FBI Director firing over the Russia investigation.  Talk about not having a political antenna, Trump thought he would be praised for his firing of Director Comey.

Did anyone notice when Trump met with the British Prime Minister and the German Chancellor he never smiled but with the Russians he was all smiles as he was giving away what appears to be classified information.

He appeared to be like a third grader trying to impress his friends.  Unbelievable that this man who said we would be so tired of winning all the time never wins.

And, Trump who promised us he would be a skilled business manager who would run the country like a business has proved to be wildly incompetent.

Will we find out in the next few years that Trump has a huge loan from a Russian billionaire and promised never to criticize Russia?  Why in the world would Trump risk his presidency for a third world not very important nation like Russia run by an authoritarian dictator who quashes free speech and a free media?

I am actually reading a novel that was first printed in 1980 by a former British intelligence agent entitled “The Twentieth Day of January” that tells about a fictional American politician who is a Russian secret agent who becomes president of the United States.

The book has been re-printed today and is available in bookstores.  It is obviously a far-fetched work of fiction written during the Cold War but Trump’s behavior is so weird towards Russia that this novel is fun to read.  Obviously, Trump is not an agent of anyone.  He is too incompetent to work for anyone.

A non-fiction book I am using for my summer class I am teaching on the American Presidency for the University of Virginia is called “Star-Spangled Men: America’s Ten Worst Presidents”.  Trump will certainly make the new version of this book.

The other inescapable fact of the Trump presidency is how anyone working for the president ultimately will be tarnished or fired—or both.

When he returns from his trip to the Mideast and Europe, he will , most likely, start firing members of his staff including his press and communications team.

Trump makes the startling announcement that he is so smart and so busy and so far ahead of everyone that is it just too difficult for his communications team to keep up with his fast pace.  How absurd!

Why Congressman Ryan and others in the GOP still support our unpopular and erratic president is beyond me.  Why does Ryan need the president to get GOP legislation through Congress?

Where are the grown-ups in the Republican Party, in the White House and on Capitol Hill who will stop this “so-called” president from continuing to embarrass the country and to defy the laws and the Constitution.

Having just taught two classes on Trump at Johns Hopkins this semester, I find it hard to say his name in the sentence with Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR

and Reagan, among others who had honor, discipline and a sense of American history.

President Truman, who did not have a college degree, had a strong sense of history as a book lover on American politics and world history.

It was so obvious Trump never read any of the House health care legislation and has no or little interest in how the American government works or how our past is part of who we are today.

The Trump presidency will continue to be one of chaos and incompetence punctuated by the president’s blaming everyone but himself for his terrible performance in the White House.

How long his tenure continues will be up to the elected Republican officials on Capitol Hill.  Until we see the profiles in courage emerge on the Hill we will be treated to the shocking ineptitude of the Trump presidency.

How much better the world would be today if Trump were ensconced in Trump Tower and we would never had to put up with this petty, juvenile, silly, uncivil, nasty administration.

President Pence.  It won’t happen any time soon but although I wouldn’t bet the mortgage on it happening, the “I” word is already being discussed.

Stay tuned!


Photo by Gage Skidmore






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