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Credits: Kamil ZIHNIOGLU / AP / SIPA

France’s new president Macron moves fast on relaunching EU reforms with Chancellor Merkel backed by his new, pro-EU government that mixes figures from the left, right and center

By Axel Krause   Paris, May 18, 2017     Moving quickly following his election Sunday, having defeated his far-right opponent Marine Le Pen, President Emmanuel Macron on Monday flew to Berlin for his first high-profile presidential meeting with a […]

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France’s EU Economy-Finance Comissioner Discusses His Experiences and Visions Regarding the Future of Europe

By  Axel Krause   Paris, March 14, 2017 Picture credits: Geert Vanden Wiljngaert (AFP) This second of two interviews with two leaders is with Pierre Moscovici, who turns 60 in September and thus


America’s Recent Envoy to the European Union Discusses His Experiences and Visions on the State of Trans-Atlantic Relations

By Axel Krause   Paris, March 13, 2017   Uncertainty.   No single word I think better summarizes the current state and mood on both sides of the Atlantic and notably as it relates


Romney’s Learn and Listen Excellent European Adventure, by Robert J. Guttman

“The 21st century can and must be an American century,” stated the Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney before the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention the day before


Would the financial crash have happened if women ran Wall Street?

Casino Capitalism, Greece Debt Problem, World Trade, and Voter Anger at US Politicians May 5, 2010 by Bob Guttman and Stephanie Cotta “Could Lehman Brothers have been better off as the


The New EU Duo

By Axel Krause, Contributing Editor November 23, 2009 Amid widespread surprise, consternation and some biting criticism, the leaders of the 27-nation European Union, meeting in behind-the scenes sessions in

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