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Rippling Effects of the German Political Stalemate

By Kenji Hosokawa Italy, December 21, 2017 The recent failure of Merkel’s CDU (Christian Democratic Union) to achieve a grand coalition between the Green party and the Free Democrats has resulted in a political stalemate within Germany. Merkel now has […]

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Trump Meets With Putin at the Hamburg G20 Summit

Kenji Hosokawa July 7, 2017 The 2017 G20 (Group of Twenty) Summit held on July 7th and 8th in Hamburg, Germany is a significant international conference that attempts to resolve


Even Trump Can’t Ruin TransAtlantic Ties

Kenji Hosokawa June 22, 2017 President of the European Council, Donald Tusk stated that “change in Washington puts the European Union in a difficult situation; with the new administration seeming

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Fidel Castro Ruz (1926-2016)

By James Baer November 29, 2016 Fidel Castro Ruz died on November 25 at the age of 90. He was one of the most notable figures in Latin America for


Robert Guttman, Editor-in-Chief, Talks Shutdown Deal on CTV National News

Our Editor in Chief, Robert Guttman, was recently interviewed by Canada's CTV National News program on America's government shutdown, its potential debt default, and the politics all around.


Explaining President Obama's Recent Snub to Europe

By Axel Krause, Contributing Editor February 12, 2010 On a cold Friday afternoon at the prestigious Ecole Militaire in Paris, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, told a large gathering


At SAIS: Afghanistan Ambassador Speaks Out On U.S. Troop Surge

"The surge of troops is needed to provide us with time and space to further build our own security forces," stated the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the U.S.


The New EU Duo

By Axel Krause, Contributing Editor November 23, 2009 Amid widespread surprise, consternation and some biting criticism, the leaders of the 27-nation European Union, meeting in behind-the scenes sessions in


Point / Counterpoint: Inaugural Post

transAtlantic Magazine is adding new features to our website and our first new addition is our POINT/COUNTERPOINT series which will look at various controversial foreign policy and domestic policy issues


A Letter to a Key Obama Advisor on Europe

By Axel Krause, Contributing Editor October 16, 2009 Earlier this week, France’s highly-respected daily Le Monde carried a front-page interview with Philip H. Gordon, Assistant Secretary of State for Europe

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