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Spring 2017, Johns Hopkins University Graduate Class: Covering the White House

Professor Robert Guttman will be teaching a regular semester class from January through May 2017. The class will look at how reporters will be covering the Trump Administration and how reporters covered the White House from the beginning of the […]

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Robert Guttman, Editor-in-Chief, Talks Shutdown Deal on CTV National News

Our Editor in Chief, Robert Guttman, was recently interviewed by Canada's CTV National News program on America's government shutdown, its potential debt default, and the politics all around.


CPFR: Casino Capitalism: Can It Be Contained?

By Robert J. Guttman "I don't want casino type jobs at our big banks. It is not acceptable for big banks to gamble with our money and I would


At SAIS: Afghanistan Ambassador Speaks Out On U.S. Troop Surge

"The surge of troops is needed to provide us with time and space to further build our own security forces," stated the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the U.S.


Will We Ever Learn?

By Ting Xu, Guest Contributor - Bertelsmann Foundation Summer, 2009 Economists and governmental officials have begun to announce the end of the global financial crisis as equity markets grab hold

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