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Trump’s First 100 Days: President Has Been Ineffective, Incompetent Incoherent, Irrational and Irritating

By Robert J. Guttman April 20, 2017 Welcome to the weird world of President Trump as he approaches his first hundred days in office. In addition to being ineffective, incompetent, incoherent, irrational and irritating he is probably the most insecure […]

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Women’s March on Washington

By Bettina Weis January 23, 2017 Picture credits: Rosa Pineda  Saturday January 21, 2017 was the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency and he had a few guests in his


America’s 45th President: Delusional, Disruptive & Anti-Democratic

By Robert J. Guttman February 1, 2017   The Statue of Liberty must surely be crying these days as our nation of immigrants is now turning away immigrants. Turning away immigrants from

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Spring 2017, Johns Hopkins University Graduate Seminar: The Politics of the New Administration

Professor Robert Guttman will be teaching a three-week intensive course in January 2017 at the Johns Hopkins University's Washington DC campus looking at the politics of the new

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