Trump’s First 100 Days: President Has Been Ineffective, Incompetent Incoherent, Irrational and Irritating


By Robert J. Guttman

April 20, 2017

Welcome to the weird world of President Trump as he approaches his first hundred days in office.

In addition to being ineffective, incompetent, incoherent, irrational and irritating he is probably the most insecure person to hold the office of President since  Richard Nixon.  If Trump is to be compared to any previous Republican president it would have to be Nixon.  He certainly is not in the same “big league” as former President Ronald Reagan.

Professor Allan Lichtman in his new book Case for Impeachment compares Trump and Nixon.  “Even early in his presidency, Donald Trump exhibits the same tendencies that led Nixon to violate the most basic standards of morality and threaten the foundations of our democracy,” he writes.

“They also shared a compulsion to deflect blame, and they were riddled with insecurities.  They exploited the resentments of white working class Americans and split the world into enemies and loyalists. . .Neither man allowed the law, the truth, the free press, or the potential for collateral damage to others to impede their personal agendas. . .They obsessed over secrecy and thirsted for control without dissent.”

But to be fair, Nixon had a political philosophy and had been a former VP, senator and congressman, and understood international relations.  Trump has no discernible political philosophy and has never held a political office in his life before being elected president.

What has Trump accomplished in his nearly one hundred days in office? 

He did get a new Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch, confirmed by the U.S. Senate.  So, he did keep that campaign promise to put a conservative on the vacant seat.

The victory of putting a conservative on the highest court in the land is his only serious accomplishment so far.

His honeymoon period has turned into a nightmare for many Americans as his approval rating stands a point below 40%.  Most recent presidents are above 50% at this point of their presidency.

Trump and his press secretary and many members of his Cabinet seem just down right irritating to see and listen to on a regular basis.  Trump seems to be about Trump 24/7.

He shows no empathy for any group of Americans except perhaps his fellow billionaires.  Even at the Easter Egg roll he had that angry, nasty scowl on his face.

He seems to despise even being in Washington as he takes off for his estate in Florida often on Thursdays for a long weekend in the Sunshine state.  The odds of him ever going to Camp David seem remote at best.

How this arrogant, narcissistic, and completely self-centered, insecure person convinced enough Americans that he cared about them is beyond my comprehension.  He is condescending, nasty and offensive.  It is so irrational that he is the 45th president of the United States.

He was going to “replace and repeal” Obamacare on his first day in office.  The bill had to be pulled as he didn’t have the votes to get it passed in a GOP controlled Congress.  His response was that this was harder than he thought.  His remarks after the bill was pulled was that it will fail on its own accord showing once again his completed disdain and indifference to the suffering it will cause many Americans if it fails as he seems to hope it will.  What an odd stance for a president to take.  Basically, let the people suffer on life and death healthcare issues.  One has never seen this level of nastiness on a key domestic issue in recent years.

How about his idea to ban “bad people” from certain “terrorist leaning” nations?  The courts have ruled against him and so far there are no new bans.  If this is such a national security threat as Trump states then why isn’t he getting something done in this area?  The whole ban seems like a total scam that will do nothing one way or another to help our national security and deter terrorism.  Most of our recent terrorist attacks have been home grown.

What about his Great Wall that Mexico was going to pay for?  Right.  That is dead on arrival and it has always been ridiculous to think Mexico would ever pay for this wall.  If it gets built the American taxpayer will end up paying for this and it will be a total waste of money that will do no good and make the Statue of Liberty seem like a symbol of the past.

NATO is no longer obsolete and China is no longer the bad guy on trade and currency manipulation.  Sending tomahawk missiles into Syria was another 180 degree change in his thinking or of his previous statements on that dreadful civil war.

Trump is running the government like a family business.  Do we really want Ivanka and her husband in charge of many policies.  They seem to go skiing (Aspen and Canada) as much as her dad plays golf.  Is there anyone serious or grown up in the White House?

Where is tax reform for the middle class?

Where is the great infrastructure project?

Where is the new health care plan that the GOP had the last eight years to work out?

Where is criticism of the authoritarian ruler of Russia?

Where is new plan so often touted during the campaign for bringing peace to the Middle East?

Where is civility and responsibility in the Administration?

Where is respect for a free press?

The press secretary as well as the president are more often than not totally incoherent when they talk.  The president talks like a third grader and never gives specific answers when questioned.

The health care plan was a fiasco and showed the incompetence of Trump working with Congress on his key domestic issue.

There is no Trump Doctrine in foreign policy.  The president is totally irrational in his foreign policy planning.

The Russian connection is still being probed by the FBI and Congress.  His views toward Russia, which may or not be changing, are just weird.  Why doesn’t he ever say anything negative against Putin.

If he ever released his taxes maybe we would see large loans from Russian billionaires.  What an insecure person we have in the White House—on the rare days he is actually in the Oval Office-that he makes up this bizarre auditing story as to why he won’t release his income taxes.

Is the president afraid we will see he is not as wealthy as he says or he gives no money to charity or he hasn’t paid taxes in years?  Release your taxes and we can all know the truth.

Trump is very Nixonian on his blaming anyone who protests against him as being a “paid protestor”.  Like none of us would protest out of our convictions or beliefs but only for money.

Trump is so not like Reagan in any way.  Reagan was a gentleman who had a sincere political philosophy who was always optimistic about America and its future.

Trump seems just the opposite of Reagan.  The 45th president always seems negative and nasty. Trump’s view of America is dismal and depressing.

Trump has recently stated that this is the greatest first hundred days of any presidency in our history.  How untrue!  But, sad as it  seems, 39% of the population probably still believes him.

When these jobs he has promised in the coal and steel and other industries fail to materialize his 39% base will go lower.  Then, the president will, once again, go back out and give his campaign speeches as if the campaign is still going on.

Mr. President, stay in Washington for awhile, and see if you can actually work with Congress to pass some positive legislation for the American citizen.

At the 100 day mark, except for the new Supreme Court Justice, as a professor I would have to give Trump a grade of D- for his incompetent and inept and incoherent conduct in the Oval Office.

America deserves better!






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