By Robert J. Guttman

January 4, 2017


Will our new president decide to tweet his Inaugural Address on January 20th rather than giving it in person?

Or will he give the shortest Inaugural Address in history by using only 140 characters when he speaks at the United States Capitol?

His many tweets during the transition sound as if they had been written by an angry third grader with incredibly thin skin who is mad at all his classmates because they do not acknowledge his greatness every minute of the day.

If Trump’s troubling transition is any indication, his First Hundred Days will also be rather troubling and certainly different.

Trump’s fascination with the former head of the notorious KGB, Russian President Putin defies any sensible or credible explanation by any rational person.  He has not once during the transition said one word against this well-known authoritarian thug who is creating chaos from Syria to Ukraine and not so quietly threatening his EU neighbors.

The new President-elect seems to be mocking America’s intelligence agencies in his ever increasing tweets.  Trump praises Putin while disparaging the intelligence agencies he will be the head of starting on January 20th.

The President-elect has an ego larger than anyone else who has held the presidency .  The forty-four (actually 43 as Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms) previous presidents have, of course, had large egos and touches of arrogance but nothing approaching our new incredibly self-involved President-elect.

Our previous presidents had goals and objectives that were positive that they tried, some successful and some not, to achieve while in the Oval Office.  They all seemed to care about America and American citizens and tried to make their lives better.

Trump seems to be all about Trump 24 hours a day.  His goals and objectives from getting rid of Obamacare to building a Wall all seem negative and not as plans to help his fellow citizens.

If this were a reality television show we could all watch and be entertained and not give it much thought.  But, this is the presidency and it affects all of us.

How ridiculous for the media to be interpreting his tweets every few minutes.  How bizarre to see “Breaking News” for a 140 character tweet from the President-elect.

How troubling that he seems to have no in-depth knowledge of the issues instead saying how smart he is and he alone knows how to fix everything.

People criticized former President Carter for micromanaging the White House, even deciding who could use the tennis courts.  But Trump goes beyond that by tweeting about how he doesn’t like a character portraying him in a comedy skit on the comedy show, Saturday Night Live.   It seems as if Trump has no sense of humor.  Has anyone ever heard him crack a joke or, heaven forbid, make a joke about himself?

He is even now angry at CNN because he doesn’t feel they chose the right picture of him for the cover of their new book on the 2016 election called Unprecedented.

Shallow seems to be to kind a word to use for his behavior during his transition.  Many people were critical of former President George W. Bush for his speaking from the gut but he seems like a true intellectual compared to Trump.

I am teaching an intensive graduate seminar at Johns Hopkins that started yesterday entitled “The Politics of the New Administration”.  However, it is hard at this stage of the transition to see Trump’s goals and objectives for the next four years, other than promoting himself and seeing that he is on the news 24/7.

Trump is media savvy from his many years on his own television program and this helped him win the election.  But, it is so ironic that this media savvy performer spends so much of his time criticizing the same media that helped propel him-with its constant coverage of his controversial statements-to the White House.

Another irony of Trump is that what appeared to be a chaotic, rambling campaign without any substance, actually stayed on topic on the one issue that helped get him elected: JOBS.

In between his Wall building, Mexican and Muslim bashing and all his other bizarre statements, even concerning the weight of a former beauty queen contestant, he always talked about how he was a job creator.  His voters saw this characteristic of job creation as more important than any of his other unusual and far out statements.

Trump’s tweets often contradict a previous tweet.  It is really hard to know what our President-elect actually thinks or where he actually stands on an issue.

He seems full of anger.  He cannot take any criticism.  He seems shallow and not interested in understanding complex issues.

His candidacy, while entertaining to many voters, was troubling.

His transition and his tweets are troubling as there appears to be no real reason why he wants to be president other than adding another feather to his hat.

He seems disrespectful of tradition and disrespectful of opposite views and disdainful of our intelligence community and other agencies of the federal government that he will be the head of very soon.

Trump’s views on the media are downright scary as he appears to be unconcerned if we have a free press at all.  The President-elect does not appear to understand the concept of a free, independent and objective press.

Mr. President-elect: Stop tweeting and start reading up on the issues and perhaps take in an intelligence briefing or two. You might also start giving press conferences.  And, please explain your bizarre fascination with the Russian thug president.

And, also release your tax returns.

Let’s all hope his troubling candidacy and troubling transition do not lead to a troubling presidency.    Current indicators are not positive in that regard.

Start governing for all Americans as president-surprise us- and stop tweeting!






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